2020.06.25-27, Vilnius, Lithuania

Teeth and implants restorations in esthetic area and full mouth rehabilitation

That is an intensive three days course about implant and teeth full mouth and aesthetic rehabilitation. It is suitable for doctors with experience, but also very recommended for those who want to start such procedures. 3 days course.

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    800 - 1100 EUR


Theory (first two days):

  • Patient functional and aesthetical analysis. What is important to pay attention to before starting prosthetic treatment. Photography and all protocols for photos, what pictures are necessary to take and why.
  • Planning of the esthetic treatment, evaluation of the teeth shape, position and smile. The importance of the position of the incisal edge. Communication with dental technician and other colleagues. Determination of the centric relation. Headline vs face bow.
  • Wax-up and mock-up. Treatment planning according to wax up, functional and esthetical analysis of the mock-up. Correct splints from the lab to transfer wax up to mock up as precisely as possible.
  • Temporary restorations. How to make them to be precise, esthetic and firm. Implant supported temporaries and soft tissue conditioning.
  • Preparation for almost non prep restorations and for veneers. What type of finish line is the best in each clinical situation? Impression technique and methods.
  • Material for esthetic restoration: layered ceramics, lithium disilicate and zirconium ceramics. Differences in strength and esthetics. Cementation and adhesion. Step by step protocols.


Hands-on (third day): You will get all materials and equipment needed. Every working place is equipped with microscope and various hand-pieces. We will make a guide for preparation according to the final situation for incisal edge and buccal surface reduction. We will do preparation for minimally invasive veneer and for veneer, when we need to change shape and colour of the current situation. Also we will do a temporary veneer. If you prefer you can bring your own loops.

Price per doctor per 3 days – 1100 eur. Price per technician per 2 days – 800 eur.


I day (25.06) course (theory) from 9:00 to 16:00 and welcome dinner at 19:00

II day (26.06) course (theory) from 10:00 to 17:00

III day (27.06) course (hands on) from 10:00 to 15:00

Contact us for the hotel and flight options!

See you in Vilnius in summer of 2020.


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Med. dr. Eglė Vindašiūtė - Narbutė


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